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Coronavirus in Our Lives

Coronavirus has changed our lives. 

Sometimes for the worse, unfortunately.

I have never seen or used so much hand sanitizer!  A bottle is found at the door of every commercial business.  At dental and doctor offices, you are asked to use this before entering their work environment. Gone are the debates and concerns about whether using too much hand sanitizer could potentially create superbugs, because we are so focused on avoiding the current Covid-19 pandemic that we are not considering the future consequences of excessive use. It is true though; scientists are warning that overusing this essential product could potentially lead to some bacteria adapting to become our next public health threat. 

I think most people want to get through this health crisis before reducing the safety protocols in place to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Wearing a mask and social distancing are two more rules we have become familiar with. These rules seem difficult to follow, as it changes our lifestyle and impinges on our personal freedom, not to mention the masks are uncomfortable and not at all flattering to wear. From what I have seen, most people are agreeable to these new changes, and will comply when reminded. There is, however, a loud minority who do not agree with the new rules creating conflict with public health rules in place for everyone to follow.  Unfortunately, these clashes can lead to verbal quarrels, injury and in extreme cases, death. Such was the case with a retail worker in the eastern provinces that had an argument with a customer over wearing a mask in the store broke into a fight resulting in their death.

New discoveries are being made to adapt to the new rules the coronavirus has brought into our lives.  Innovative home offices have been created to continue working.  Take out meals seem to be a great alternative to dining in a restaurant. We get our favourite meals in a handy to-go container either delivered to our door, a simple drive through, or contactless pickup. Unfortunately, many take-out containers contain potentially dangerous substances known as PFC’s, or perfluorinated chemicals. Perfluorooctanoic acid, or PFOA, was used to make non-stick Teflon coatings on pots and pans up until 2006. These coatings were banned after they were linked to various health concerns including birth defects and cancer.  Unfortunately, these substances have continued to be used because minor chemical changes were made, allowing for the “new” chemical to be used.  Because of the increased number of people ordering take out, researchers are finding more of these chemicals present in the human body, and they are unable to get flushed out of our systems. Once it’s in your body, it is not easily removed if at all. One more silent yet potentially life-threatening health hazard created by the coronavirus pandemic.  

The coronavirus has made it apparent that we live in a fragile and constantly changing environment, We need to be adaptable and make changes to our lifestyles when necessary to deal with the next hazard we face.

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