Pollution is the introduction of harmful substances to the environment, which is mostly created by human action that results in harming the natural surroundings. Pollution harms humans, welfare of animals, and plants. There are different types of pollution, and the mean pollution that are dangerous for the Earth and its environment are: air pollution, water pollution, and environmental pollution.

Air pollution is a chemical and physical alteration of air occurs, when fossil fuels or coal burn, oxides, smoke, dust, and any other toxic gasses and harmful material enter the atmosphere, that cause harm for the human and animal health, and damages the natural environment into the atmosphere.

 The main sources of air pollution are, high usage od vehicles, which creates poisonous and harmful gases. The increase in the number of factories, smoking, wood burning fireplaces, wildfire, wind-blow dust, and animal waste (which creates Carbon Dioxide Co2), air spray, and Household chemical are the main cause of air pollution. Air pollution can cause harm in humans heath such as, wheezing, coughing, asthma, heart problems, lung cancer, and irritation in eyes, nose, and throat. Since animals have the similar respiratory system to humans, the air pollution can cause breathing(respiratory) problem and skin irritation for them too. low atmosphere and ozone damage the plants, so we can see the damage of air pollution in the plants easily that it damages and kill the plants.

Since air pollution has bad effects on human’s heath, people should try to stop the air pollution by reducing the use of vehicle, by taking bus, regularly doing car check up, and Keeping the car maintenance up to date, avoid smoking, avoid buying products that come in spray can, avoid using of nonrecyclable products, avoid using plastic bags, avoid using hazardous chemical, try to use both side of paper, consider going green, and drive electric cars (use bus).

Water pollution 

Waste from factories, buildings, and homes are dumps into the water bodies like oceans, rivers, and lakes, which makes the water contaminated. Water pollution is a big issue in the global context. When the water bodies have been filled with wastes, garbage, chemical, and plastic products, it has affected marine life negatively, and it has led the worldwide cause of deaths and diseases. The marine creatures die daily because of water pollution. All over the world most people are not having access to clean drinking water, and it is increasing yearly.  The better way to reduce the water pollution is to stop polluting the water, and safe the life of marine, humans, and plants. To have clean water people should not throw trash or chemicals into sewer drains, wash the cars far  away from any storm water drains, no don dump wastes, or plastic products in the water bodies, use less or not use plastic products, do not dispose oil in the sink, use less dishwasher or laundry ( use it when it  is close to being full) use environmentally friendly detergents, use less chemical.

Environmental pollution

When pollutants contaminate the natural surrounding or any undesirable change in the air, water, and soil occurs which can cause harm on the environment is called environmental pollution. Human activities such is cutting of trees, using fossil fuels, hunting of animals, wastage of water, and disturbing the ecological balance are the cause of environmental pollution. environmental pollution damages the health of humans, animals, and plants, the diseases that can occur because of environmental pollution are skin cancer, lung cancer, asthma, stroke etc. we can control the environmental pollution by not cutting of the trees and planting more trees, eliminating plastic products, and since the are pollution and water pollution cause the environmental pollution, if people try to control the air and water pollution it will help to have a clean environment and free of pollution. 

Mostly the human’s activities make the earth to move on the way to unhealthy future for the earth and all its living organisms. Pollution is the major problem in all over the world, and it does damage to the environment, humans, animals, and plants. There is different type of pollution, which mean type of it is air pollution, water pollution, and environmental pollution. All living organisms use water for survival, use the soil for producing food, and use the air for breathing, if these are pollutant, can damage the all living organisms in the world. Pollution can occur diseases like cancers, asthma, allergies, stroke, wheezing, irritations and hart problems. People should be aware of the factor that can cause pollution and take necessary steps to keep the future of the earth and next generation safe and healthy. The main things that are casing pollution are the industries, agricultural wastes, animal wastes, burning of fossil fuels, sewage and wastewater, marine dumping, cutting of trees, and urban development which put the living organism and the world in danger

Since human’s activities causing the pollution, they prevent it and save the life of marine, animals, humans, and the world by considering purchasing an electronic car or taking bus if it possible, reduce the number of trips that has taken with cars, choose products with minimal packaging, eliminate the plastic products,  eliminate fireplace and wood stove uses, quit smoking, use natural environmentally friendly chemicals, recycle, do not cut of the trees, plant more trees, and go green.