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Retired and tired of living in a pandemic world

Well, it has been 10 months since the declaration in mid-January of a pandemic in Canada.  And in 20/20 hindsight, we should have isolated the world for three months right at the beginning. The cost would have been less than the long-term on again off again shutdowns we have experienced, and the death toll would have been reduced especially for the aged.

Meanwhile, in my neck of the woods, we have been spared so far from the massive community spread of the virus. I am impressed by the civility I have seen around us so far while shopping for the essentials. Mask-wearing and quasi-social distancing abound in our town. We do hear of isolated businesses closing for clean-up caused by positive tested employees. Mind you we are not out of the woods yet, all it takes is for one individual to travel to a high spread area and return as a positive carrier, not isolating and spreading the nastiness all around them. We have seen it in Nunavut, who had till recently managed to stave off the malfeasant bug.  All it took was for one individual to travel for good reasons outside their zone, to unfortunately bring it back home with them and deliver it to their surrounding community.

We have been staying put for the most part, with a small stint to an even more isolated town for a break from our self imposed isolation. It felt so good to get out, and it allowed me a glimpse of understanding of what some are suffering, feeling stifled in their isolated, restricted little bubbles.  

We have gotten tired of the home arts and crafts and conversations of Trump, which thank God that’s almost over.  Watching news all day is getting boring as hell, exercise is going out to shovel the white crap “La Nina” has dumped on us, but we survive. Mentally we barely cope, my wife and I, getting on each other’s nerves more often than we would like. Boredom and isolation have that effect on some of us. 

I feel like we will eventually pass through this phase of life, just like we went through the SAARs experience what seems like eons ago. We are hanging on to the treads of a future with a better outlook and a return to enjoying life fully.

So tell me how are you doing? How do you cope with the situation we are in?
Would you share your situation with others and let us know how you are getting through these sad times?

I would love to listen to you, and what you would like to say. What you have been experiencing.

Sometimes, talking about it helps.

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