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Handy Life Hacks

Life hacks make people’s lives much more accessible. We find many life hacks in social networks, but most are lost and forgotten. This article is a collection of life hacks you can use when cooking. These life hacks are helpful for students and will save you time and money.

Two plates in one microwave. To quickly and simultaneously warm up a meal for two quickly and simultaneously, just put one dish in the microwave as usual and the second on a stand from a cup or glass.

Thickened or candied honey. If honey is candied, it does not mean it is time to throw it away. Instead, if the honey has crystallized and candied, melt it in a water bath. Then, put the jar directly into a hot water pot and wait a little. Many may argue that, in this case, honey will lose its valuable properties, but the water bath temperature is not so high.

Fast cooling of the bottle. Handy life hack in summer. Many put a drink in the freezer to quickly cool a beverage in a bottle. But it will be much more effective if you wrap the bottle with a damp cloth before putting it in the freezer.

Potlids on cabinet doors. To not think about where to permanently attach them, fasten unique holders or hooks on the inside of the cabinet door.

Preparation of dough for pancakes in a bottle. Pancake batter is easier and more convenient to cook if you send all the ingredients into a clean bottle. Then shake until smooth and pour the batter into the pan from the same bottle dosed.

Cleaning garlic in a jar. Many of you have seen in cooking TV shows how quickly chefs peel whole handfuls of garlic cloves just by shaking the bowl. It works, and if there is no suitable bowl, then a jar will do.

Butter from mould on cheese. It is often cheaper to buy a large piece of cheese, but cheese can quickly disappear. If you must store cheese in the refrigerator for a long time, lightly lubricate it with any vegetable oil. So it does not get weathered and does not deteriorate!

Pickling in a bag. For meat or vegetables to have better flavours and aromas of spices, it is better not to rub them but put everything in a bag, tie it and shake it well. This way, meat and vegetables will have a richer taste and aroma.

Frozen soup or broth. Another tip that will help save you time. Prepare a large saucepan in your spare time, leave portions for two days, and freeze the rest. You can diversify the menu any day at the expense of soup. Over time, you can stock 2-3 dishes. The soup can be stored in the freezer for up to 3 months, and the broth – for up to 6. However, be sure to leave free space in the container or jar with soup: the frozen liquid increases in volume. And remember to sign the dish’s name and the date of preparation.

Use the slot on the cutting board. Many cutting boards have a slot, but only some use this function. It is convenient to pour chopped vegetables, fruits and herbs through the slot. So that the cutting board does not slide on the table, put a damp towel or cloth under it.

Enhance the taste and aroma of spices. To enhance the smell and taste of herbs, hold them for 1-2 minutes in a preheated frying pan before adding them to the dish.

We keep the greens fresh. Cover the container with paper towels that absorb excess moisture to store greenery. So the greens will last longer. You can also freeze the remaining greens in an ice cube tray. Cut the greens, put them in trays and fill them with water. Use it to make soups and other dishes. Very convenient: fresh herbs are always at hand.

We freeze the remains of the wine in ice trays. So it is convenient to add to dishes and sauces. And no need to open a new bottle.

Preparation of meat for chops. So that the meat does not stain everything around, before beating, we put the portion pieces in a bag. Or cover it with cling film.

Cut the cake into neat pieces. To prevent the knife from sticking to the dessert, hold it under hot water before slicing and wipe it dry.

Stationery clips. They are convenient to close the bags with the opened cereals, sugar, and spices.

We cover the trash can with several packages at once—any convenient quantity. And you don’t need to lay a new one every time. Plus, if one pact leaks, the bucket will remain clean because there is another at the bottom.

The following tips will be especially relevant for those who care about the environment. First, use the tools when cleaning instead of buying toxic detergents and cleaning products.

The vinegar solution will help against grease and dirt and clean the stove, handles, tile, and faucet. At the same time, it disinfects. To prepare the solution: mix 1-2 cups of 9% table vinegar with 1 litre of water. Pour into the sprayer and treat the surfaces, wait a few minutes, and rinse. Lemon juice is natural and pure. It will clean the stove, tile, and cutting board with the addition of salt. You can rub it right with half a citrus. We scour the stove and tile like this: rub with lemon or pour juice and leave for 10 minutes after rinsing.

We wash the faucet with toothpaste. Rub the tap, leave it for a while, and wash it off. The faucet is sparkling.

Baking powder against greasy stove door. Moisten the door with hot water, pour the powder, and moisten it with water from the sprayer. After an hour, we wash it off.

The following section will simplify your routine household chores.

A hairdryer instead of an iron. Use as a steamer. It is suitable for more than just thick fabrics. For everything else, it works fine. Advantages of the method: help out in 2 minutes when you are in a hurry, but things are creased; do not spoil delicate silk and wool fabrics; underwear and clothes can be dried quickly; steam clothes with complex draperies and folds. You can also hang a thing while taking a bath or shower. Under steam, she will be dealt with.

We clean small, hard-to-reach places. There are enough of them in the house. What do maids do? Use a cotton swab.

Baking soda and vinegar against the dirt and yellowness of the bathroom. Apply the mixture for a few minutes, brush, and rinse. Hydrogen peroxide in the fight for purity. A solution of 3% peroxide and water in equal parts will update the bathroom curtain. Soak, clean and rinse: we get a curtain without dirt and yellowness.

“Fragrant bombs” for the toilet. We do it ourselves. Mix three tablespoons of soda with one tablespoon of citric acid. Combine 1 tbsp. l. 3% peroxide with 1/2 tbsp. l. vinegar. We introduce the solution into the mixture a little bit at a time. Add 10-20 drops of any essential oil.

These life hacks will help you save time and money and cook tastier and faster. And also try something new in routine matters.

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