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What Is Happiness?

What is happiness? It is very difficult to define happiness because everyone has their own definition of happiness. Some people would say being wealthy and able to visit beautiful places in the world, or dress well and eat well. Some would see happiness as being successful and having a good career, while others are happy because they are healthy or in a good relationship. In general, happiness can be a state of mind, comfort, success, achievement, pleasure, and joy.

Everyone wants to be happy, and since depression is one of the side effects of our modern lives, these days people are more in need of happiness than ever before. People spend a lot of time and energy chasing happiness. They are waiting for the day that they can travel to the places they love, waiting for the day that they can live a life full of success and joy, or waiting for a perfect relationship to make them happy. Often, people do not realize that happiness comes from within. Happiness is a state of mind, there is no place in the world that makes people happy, and it is not possible to be happy in a relationship if people are not happy with themselves. Happiness cannot be bought, it cannot be found in places, and it cannot be found in people. The only way to find happiness is within oneself, in a positive and peaceful mind.

 One way to find happiness is by thinking positively. People should not panic or stress about their problems, but they should realize that problems are a part of life, and it should be seen as opportunities for growth and gaining experiences that can be used to make better decisions in the future. Thinking positively helps people to have better psychological and physical well-being, lower the rates of depression, lower the level of distress, and it helps to have more peace of mind.

How can you train the brain to think positive?

The first step is to observe your thoughts, because some people do not realize that they think negatively, and observe how they think about others. How do they deal with problems, do they upset and stress about the problem, or are they looking for a way to solve it? Once they know what negative thoughts are bothering them, then they can focus to think positively and try to find a solution for the problem instead of stressing out. The second step is to think of three positive things that happened every day. It can be small things such as having lunch with family or getting good grades on an assignment or chatting with a friend, but it is important to remember three positive things that happened in a day to a person. Also, living life in the present is important. Which means the past should not destroy the present life. Thinking too much about the past will hamper happiness in the present. Value time and do not waste it, read books and learn new things, be grateful for what you have, and take care your health, exercise daily and eat healthily, remember it is never too late to be kind, help others whether is it is helping a classmate to study for an exam, or buying food for a homeless person or working as a volunteer in a non-profit organization. Pay attention to people around you and express your love for them, communicate and talk with family and friends, and be thankful for every day’s life.

Happiness is an inner quality, which everyone defines in a different way. It can be joy, achievement, success, or satisfaction with ourselves and our lives. Overall, we can say that satisfaction and happiness flow together. The secret to a happy life or happiness is a positive mind, seeing problems as opportunities for growth and gaining experiences, and remember that every unpleasant situation in life has some positive side too that people can learn from. Everyone can train their brain to think positively by surrounding themselves with positive people, who inspire and motivate them, looking after their bodies and minds, and thinking daily about positive things that happened. Happiness cannot be found anywhere, only within a person with a positive mind and a kind heart.

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