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Today, perhaps, everyone knows what mixed martial arts are. However, twenty years ago, MMA was beginning its ascent to popularity. The progress in MMA itself is also noteworthy. Perhaps to figure out what’s what in MMA is quite an ambiguous task because there is nothing more accessible, and there is nothing more complicated than understanding it. MMA is a contact sport. It is fighting without rules, but there are rules there, not a few of them. MMA is conventionally called fights without limitations because, in essence, you can choose your fighting style. There are specific combat disciplines with their own rules, approach, and arsenal. For example, boxing involves working with your hands, whereas working with your feet for punches. Legs play a massive role for a boxer, and his movement is no less important than working with his hands. Taekwando, on the contrary, focuses on footwork. And although punches are also present in it, preferences are not given to them. Thai boxing includes both handwork and footwork but prefers close range and clinch work. A clinch is when two opponents are as close to each other as possible in a standing position while they can embrace each other. And this is where orthodox Thai boxing begins, namely knee and elbow strikes. We have listed only three types of martial disciplines, and they all differ from each other, but there are still a lot of styles of martial arts: Capoeira, Hapkido, kickboxing, sambo, and so on. In addition to the above types of classes, there is also wrestling, which is also divided into many sub-styles.

To begin with, you need to understand that in MMA, there are five types of distance between rivals. These are long, medium, short, clinch, and ground. The difference between any discipline of wrestling is that they are dangerous only at close range and on the floor. After all, blows are prohibited in any struggle. For example, Greco–Roman wrestling has rules prohibiting the perimeter of the opponent’s legs. Unlike Greco–Roman wrestling, freestyle wrestling, on the contrary, allows girth and footwork. There is a specific scoring for the combinations made in Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling. In both types of wrestling, the wrestler who has his back to the floor on both shoulder blades loses. Brazilian jiu-jitsu has different rules; unlike freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling, many actions will be disastrous. Suppose in Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling there is a preference to give the back to the opponent so that the opponent does not put you on the shoulder blades, then in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. In that case, it will be a fatal mistake since this discipline is based on painful effects, such as painful arm girths, legs, and choking neck techniques.

Generally, one can understand that each discipline has its own rules and manner. In addition, the body and brain of an athlete who trains in one of these disciplines are honed for it. MMA includes all the disciplines listed above. In battle, you can choose your favourite fields yourself and learn them. Even though MMA has specific rules (such as prohibited blows to the groin area, knee and elbow strikes when the opponent has four supports), MMA is called “fights without rules” precisely because of the ability to apply any fighting style. Each fighter faces a choice of which type to choose, and then everyone has to answer this question for himself. It is essential to understand that you will never be equally good in any discipline. There will always be a preference to take either a standing strike position or go out to fight. It’s a question of what the fighter will risk. For example, taekwondo is extremely dangerous at long and medium distances, whereas boxing is dangerous at medium and short distances. Therefore, the boxer has the advantage when rivals work at close range. Thai boxing is well focused on the clinch, so boxing can concede here. But fighting of any kind is extremely dangerous in the stalls. In the position of the stalls, taekwondo becomes completely powerless; boxing is ineffective. Therefore, the fight can be mastered by fighting or not allowing entry into the stalls and having careful work at close range.

Initially, the fight starts at a long distance, so the advantage is with the fighter “drummer,” but everything can change in seconds. However, each new round begins again and again from a long distance.

It should be immediately indicated that for many people, the idea of MMA is quite stereotypic; everyone immediately begins to imagine blood and crazy fights. But this is not the case. In most clubs, you will find friendly people who will help you take the first steps, share your experiences, and be as attentive to you as possible. Sparring between the opponents takes place in a light form. The golden rule of life, “as you want people to do with you, so do with them and you,” is suitable for sparring. If you intend to fight hard, your opponent will respond in kind. You will see the same approach in response if you treat with respect. MMA training does not just fight. They are lessons of discipline, mutual respect, strengthening of character, and not only physical but also mental health. The right team and sparring partners will not teach you the thought, “now I can beat anyone, ” but they will teach you, “whatever the task, I will cope with it.” You can also send your children to attend courses from early childhood. After all, one of the main tasks that MMA training courses perform is to make it clear to your baby that life can be easy or hard, but you should always “grow” and not be afraid to go forward. Sometimes it is essential for the healthy formation of the child’s psyche. After all, it is tough to “fix” the formed mentality, and it is much more practical to deal with prevention before a potential problem. A friendly team, the right thoughts, faith in your strength, the people around you, and a healthy lifestyle are what every person needs. Do you want to try it? Prince George has a mixed martial arts club. Welcome to the world of MMA.

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