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One day, on my way home, I saw a little blonde cat, who looked tired and hungry. She looked at me with her small brown eyes as if she asks for help, so I took her home with me. I bathed her then I dried her soft hair, after that she looked so beautiful. I hurried to the kitchen to bring milk to feed her. She drank it all while she was meowing as if she was thanking me. I called her Lucy and I prepared for her a small place to sleep in. After several days, she started getting used to the house and moving around it and sometimes going out to the garden to play and enjoy the amazing sunshine. So, she lived safely, eating, playing, and meowing.

After a period of time, she would go out of the house to spend some time then return to eat and sleep in her warm place. Then cats used to visit and stay with her for a long time, play, eat, and have fun.

She stayed like that until a day came when she got pregnant and after almost 65 days, she gave birth to four little kittens of different colours. Lucy became a mother; I was so happy for her. After she had given birth, I took care of her very well by keeping the room that she and her kittens are in warm and making sure their bedding is kept clean and dry. Lucy was afraid for her kittens, so she was moving them from place to another inside the house. They were dependent on their mother for survival. Then the kittens were growing day by day and they developed quickly and begun to explore the world outside, so they started walking, running, jumping, and playing.

One day I was sitting in the garden reading a book while Lucy was playing with her kittens, then she climbed the fence of the garden and started calling her kittens as if she was asking them to do what she did to climb the fence, but they were scared and didn’t move. Lucy came down and carried one of them in her mouth by the scruff of its neck and climbed the fence, when she reached the middle of the fence, she threw the kitten and it fell down. Then she carried the second kitten in the same way, then the third and the fourth, carried each one to the middle of the fence and then let it fall. After that, she sat on the top of the fence and started calling them again. I was watching them and realized that she was teaching them. 

Then they started trying one after the other and Lucy was watching them while she was sitting on the top of the fence. They tried and failed and then tried again and again, screaming for help from their mother but Lucy didn’t help. After some time, one of those little kittens did it and reached the top of the fence then the other kittens followed it. Eventually Lucy and her kittens sitting on the top of the fence. They were so beautiful and cute together. I think Lucy taught me, too, a lesson in patience and insistence, even if the road of success is full of difficulties and risks. We must face all difficulties to achieve our goals in life. The kittens grew up and Lucy became a senior cat. She became less active, sleeping more, and gaining weight, so she had trouble reaching her favourite places. One day, Lucy didn’t come home, so I went out to look for her. I found Lucy in the street, but she had passed away. I was shocked, I felt so bad and cried. She left me forever; I couldn’t even imagine my life without her. Goodbye Lucy, how sad it was to loss her.

Lucy, my beautiful cat, I will never forget you. You used to fill the house with joy and happiness. Now, I am alone in this big house, look at where you used to sleep and play but you’re not here. Every morning, when I woke up, I found her playing on my bed as if she was saying good morning, but today she’s gone. Lucy was not just a cat, she was a member of my family, bringing fun and joy to my life. She was my source of entertainment, friendship, and emotional support. Now I can literally feel the hole she left in my heart. She is the most beautiful thing I’ve had in my life. I miss her so much. My amazing blonde cat, you will always be in my heart. 

“Your favourite chair is empty now, where you would lie and sleep. But the memory of our happy times is mine to always keep”.  50+ Beautiful Loss of Pet Quotes (

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