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A person must believe in his latent abilities, his inner personal merit, and his importance as an individual in a society and a nation, which makes a feeling of self-esteem encompass him, decorate his days with respect for himself and others and assure him that he is a valuable link in the chain of society and human life, within the framework of legal and social controls. Otherwise, a person’s feelings will turn into dissatisfaction with himself. In many cases, feelings of dissatisfaction with oneself will become self-contempt because of the circumstances or events that accompany feelings of guilt that lead to shame. Here, a person will feel the loss of his self-worth, and in all cases, the scales must be adjusted so that all inclination to one of the two parties is not inclined, so it is either between the digestion and loss of his rights or excessive self-love. If you have an issue with your self-confidence, you do not love yourself enough. However, there will be no change in your personality if you do not consciously decide that you will be happy and start loving yourself. So, when your self-esteem and love for yourself decreases, you are telling the universe that you are worthless and that you are not worthy of love or respect. Therefore, one of the most important ways to know oneself is to ask questions, and here are questions that you may ask yourself, and must answer yourself as well:

Who am I? Get to know your true essence that you are a spirit of high value and God-breathed into it from His Spirit, the Mighty and Sublime. We are all great souls, and this is our actual value. It is not our value in material matters such as position, testimony, family, money and other things. These are additions to us, not our identity and our actual weight. Ask yourself who I am and delve into the answers and the most important ways to help you. There are several ways to reach the responses: (awareness, psychological and spiritual growth, contact with the spirit and being honest with it ، human experiences ، spiritual relationships, meditation contemplation،prayer, inspiration, questions, and coaching sessions.

To live your truth and be you) and this question will remain with you always, and in stages, your multiple life will discover something new every time to add to answer this question Who am I?

Why am I here? Getting to know the goal and purpose of existence, your message in life, the goal for which the spirit came, the meaning and the news that the heart wants to live in this human experience 

What are my values? Learn about the principles that you practice in your life, the purposes that you seek, and the things that are important to you through which you determine your priorities and needs. One of the ways to help you define your values ​​is the value matrix exercise, in addition to the coaching sessions.

What are my strengths? Know your strengths on your capabilities, abilities and internal resources and practice your muscles and live your life using them. 

There are many ways to help you identify them: (coaching sessions + personality analysis sockets and strengths + astrological map + philosophy of the elements 0 and energies nine + supporting healthy relationships.

What is my passion? Learn about the things you like to do, and do them with less effort, high efficiency, great enjoyment, and deep love that makes you feel who you are.

It also makes you feel that it is something similar to you and adds happiness, meaning, enthusiasm and satisfaction to your soul.

What are my hobbies? Find out the things you like and feel happy, enjoy and relax.

Things that may help you express your inner thoughts, feelings and energies and consider them a beautiful outlet that charges you with attractive power to start again

What are my components as a human being? Get to know your essential components. You are a human being made up of a soul and a body. You have many dimensions, namely: the spiritual dimension, the emotional energy, the intellectual, and the material dimension.

These are all important and have important roles, and compatibility and harmony between them are essential to achieving balance and true wellness while giving the spirit of leadership.

What are the motives and needs of my body, soul and spirit? The body has physiological conditions such as breathing, nutrition, water, sleep, movement, sense of pleasure, and attention to health and physical care. The soul has several needs, including living in safety and stability, feeling love and belonging, and needs feelings related to the self, starting from self-esteem to achieving self-actualization, living with psychological well-being and achieving prosperity. The soul has needs, the most important of which is living with meaning and going through experiences. It also needs to grow on the soul level and contribute to this life, such as giving goodness.

How should I be? One of the essential qualities of the self is knowing who you are and what you should do about yourself and others. If you can transcend knowing who you are, why you exist, your values, your strengths, your hobbies, your passions, who you are as a human being, and your needs, you are qualified for the stage of discovering what you should be and how to build your personality in the right place. This will also help you find suitable professions for you. You can accept the chosen location in front of you. You can also solve the difficulties and problems that you may encounter through your knowledge, your certainty of your inner self, and your patience as well.

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