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Student Parents and the Difficulties They Face

What does it mean to be a complete person?

Being a complete person and accountable for yourself and your studies is challenging enough. Being a father adds another level of difficulty.  

Financially supporting two or three people is a daunting responsibility, although fatherhood is one of the most beautiful feelings a person can have. I met a student at university, and I asked him about his life after having a baby. He said, “I became a father a while ago, and this threw me a curve and made me take the initiative to change. I still have to attend courses, take care of my child and help my wife, so it is extra work to do.” Previously he used to spend a lot of time outside, hanging out with friends, despite knowing he needed to study. He still had enough time to balance school and social life. Having a child is not bad. In fact, it is great despite its hardship. Being parents and students at the same time is double the work compared to other parents who have a job and a family or to students who only have school. There is a significant burden while still in university.

A student is responsible for himself only. But a  father must take care of others, become the breadwinner for the family. The man must help his wife, even if he is a student and has a job, as it is a necessity to keep a family together. 

A  father’s presence is significant in a child’s life. This responsibility helps develop the child’s skills and behaviour to become a successful person in the future. This is a harsh burden facing parents who are still at university. The father has a significant impact on a child’s psychological and physiological development, so you cannot ignore the responsibilities and place them on another person to complete your education. Studies have shown that a father’s absence has a significant impact on the behaviour of a child. The Fatherhood Project, a non-profit organization, showed that children who feel a closeness to their father are twice as likely to enter college or find stable employment after high school, 75% less likely to have a teen birth, 80% less likely to spend time in jail, and half as likely to experience depression. The father’s role and his relationship with the mother before birth have indirect consequences in the risks of adverse outcomes. Children who enjoy good relationships and are close to their fathers are less aggressive or disruptive. The father should be a role model for his young children, encouraging the child to imitate good behaviour in life. The father is a hero to his children, and they imitate him in everything: movement, behaviour, honesty and humility. It is essential to know the responsibilities and difficulties that a person may face in forming relationships before starting a family. It is important to cherish, preserve and nurture the family.

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