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Charming Countryside – Countryside Memory from an Eastern country

There is nothing quite like waking up to the sound of chirping birds in the morning.

Every day in the countryside is full of love, jasmine fragrance, and the smell of those plants that grow in the garden of that simple house far from the hustle and bustle, where the warmth family.

Where people support each other by saying or doing simple things that can help people in their life to get through tough times.

There, in the countryside, I can almost hear my father’s voice in that house and remember how we used to play football with our friends in that vast courtyard, happy and safe. I also remember how people used to live with simplicity, love, and bonding. There my grandfather was sitting with his friends playing backgammon. Every time we hit the ball at them, he frowns so we think he is going to scold us. Then he laughs and tells us ‘Play away and don’t bother us.

The morning in the countryside is unique, it is a kind of happiness and freedom like a butterfly flying over flowers on a spring day.

People wake up in the countryside every day full of energy, love, and hope, contemplating the new day that they will live in this warm nature, which embraces them like a mother trying to embrace her son from the ugliness of this world in which people suffer from all kinds of troubles.

 My mother and grandmother used to bake bread for us every morning so we would wake up smelling its delicious smell. I hurry to make tea, hoping to have a hot loaf of bread to eat it with the tea I prepared. Everything looks fascinating there, calls for peace and comfort,

The countryside is the merciful mother who sympathizes with her children. It is the place that embraces everyone, some of them denied and abandoned it, and others remained on the covenant of loyalty. Love is the only word that does not need to be explained, every letter in this word ‘LOVE’ carries a pulse of lovers’ impulses.

There where flowers collide with the breath of dawn. Where jasmine is the first alphabet that people don’t learn as it is created between their hands. Countryside is an artistic painting that no one can describe. There where good souls that mixed with charming nature and the simplicity of living; to give birth to that eternal beauty. 

Houses are close to each other throughout the entire countryside, as if they are bodies standing and supporting each other, forming an impregnable fortress of stones and mud.

The grandmother tells a story to her grandchildren about this physical and spiritual union, in which windows are the means of communication among neighbors, who tell each other the news. Instead of TV channels that city dwellers spend their time on, those windows are the news sources in the countryside. 

People may not realize what a rural house means until they see jasmine perched on the walls of houses as if it builds a bridge between houses, and as if the walls tell a story of hope in every house, which makes you feel how beautiful is the simplicity of living. And don’t forget the sincerity of rural love, which deserves to be immortal.  

  Rural people are mix of originality, kindness, and love. This rich nature reflects an amazing beauty that is reflected on the rural people, on whom the sun reflects its purity, so they look like a fantastic artistic painting. Authenticity, kindness, and magnanimity are the source from which rural people saturate.

Rural people are known for their good manners and satisfaction. They don’t care about losing anything in life as long as they do their possible to live a lovely life. They don’t care about life’s ups and downs. This is what keeps them away from stinginess and hatred. They are an example of tranquility that does not seek lavish as much as it seeks a loaf of bread mixed with love and serenity.

Honesty is the most important characteristic of rural people. They are simple people who are used to speak directly without pretending to impress others. They are so confident. 

When evening comes and everything calms down, in that yard of the house filled with all kinds of flowers, the rural family gathers around each other, talking to each other, laugh, and telling stories and jokes. Birds return to their nests to rest after a long day of singing in this amazing nature. Every rose also sleeps hugging its sister. While cats hanging out on the roofs of the buildings. Only the moon can enjoy those quiet and peaceful nights.

How lucky the family is if the grandmother who memorized more than a thousand- and one-nights tales is still alive, so her grandchildren gather around her, eager to hear a new story with her tender voice, which gives them a sense of hope and safety. They all gather around her as if they are a red rose, whose leaves support each other, heralding a new birth of love. There is nothing like the peace in the countryside.

 How beautiful and quiet the life in the countryside is! And how I long for that life! 

Life in the countryside is a life worth living.

Saja & Hiba

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