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Influencer Pets: The Rise of Cute Pets Making More Money Than Their Humans

By Nadia Mansour

In the biggest business boom of the century, e-commerce, pet owners are increasingly turning to online platforms like Amazon to find the latest toys, beds, food and more. Amazon selling as created an opposition for pet owners to leverage their pets as characters in a much wider marketing game, using platforms like Instagram and Tiktok for their pets. How did we get to this point, how profitable is it and ultimately, is it worth the hype?
The surge in consumerism within the pet industry is no secret. Pet owners no longer consider their furry friends as just companions but as valued family members deserving of the best products and entertainment. As a result, the pet product market is witnessing a significant increase in the volume of purchasing, selling and marketing to pet owners.
The per industry has become a multi-billion dollar sector that is only expected to continue to grow. From a business standpoint, humans will always have pets, which results in pet products being “evergreen” products, which makes them a great option for sellers and great options for marketers.
Evergreen products never go out of style and stay in demand all year round. Pet supplies, gaming products, and luggage are some of the best evergreen products to sell and can be sold globally most often without any special licensing.
Using Pets as an Income Stream
Social media has allowed for some animal influencers, racking up millions of followers. The main source of income streams are sponsorship deals, partnerships with pet product brands, and affiliate marketing.
Especially in the world of TikTok, there are adorable and entertaining pets that have become online sensations. From Otis the Box Turtle, who steals the spotlight with his affectionate antics, to Peanut the Squirrel, who opens packages and promotes squirrel NFTs, these pets have amassed large followings. The Dunkin Ducks, Blueberry and Toast the parrots, Big Boy Bru Bru the French mastiff, Cool Cat Lou the adventurous feline, Guinea Pig Rosie with her luxurious lifestyle, Spider Monkey Winston raising awareness for small-primate rescue, Pinky the Pig from the Polo family, and Noodle the Pug, who offers daily updates on his “bones or no-bones” days, showcase the diverse world of animal influencers on TikTok. (https://izea.com/resources/pets-tiktok/)
If You Do It, How Profitable Is It?
I recently came across a video of an influencer with over 1 million followers stating she had made over $200 000 in 2023 from her account. However, it is important to know that there is no set number, as it varies from pet to pet based on how many brand deals you can get, if you choose to do affiliate marketing or get sponsored.
Take for example the breakdown done by TNT Magazine, that looked at TikTok biggest animal influencers by the revenue they gain with just one post. In the enchanting world of animal influencers, these social media stars flaunt impressive followings and engagement metrics.
Kody Antle, the tiger sensation, takes the lead with a staggering 21.9 million followers and 297.2 million likes, and earning CAD $86,092.88 per post. Following closely is Jiff Pom, the charismatic dog, boasting 21 million followers, 517.7 million likes, and earning CAD $82,552.82 per post. Floofnoodles, the adorable ferret, has 13.1 million followers, 42.9 million likes, and earns CAD $51,498.50 per post. (https://www.tntmagazine.com/uncategorized/tiktoks-biggest-animal-influencers/)
They promote all kinds of brands, some unrelated to animal products. However, the most advertised pet products are leisure, food, and entertainment products. Buying a nice bed for your pet or food that aligns with their health is a no-brainer, but what about those entertainment products? How often do our pets need a new toy?
Amazon vs. Cat Toys
What is driving a lot of the pet influencer craze? Amazon. Amazon sells the most pet products. This means sellers are eager to partner with pet influencers to advertise their products to their millions of followers. Amazon is popular for pet owners because of the convenience, variety, and pricing compared to in-person pet stores.
Amazon pet product sales reached $2 billion in 2016, up 40% from 2015 and Amazon is the largest e-commerce platform doing this. https://www.freedoniagroup.com/blog/amazon-vs-the-pet-products competition#:~:text=Amazon%27s%20Approach%20to%20Pet%20Products,are%20offered%20through%20Amazon%20Prime.
My Top 3 Amazon Cat Toys that Work
Yes, I am a cat owner myself. Meet my cat Ooffii, he is a 6-year-old male who tries to act all tough but is a sweetheart and loves cuddles. After his companion cat, Meecii passed away, I was looking for ways to cure his depression with some new gadgets from Amazon. Keep in mind, Ooffiii is the most difficult cat to shop for, it’s really a hit or miss if he will use the product. After trial and error, here are my top 3 viral products from social media that are sold through Amazon:
Cat’s Meow: Motorized Wand Cat Toy
Pet Grooming Glove
Handheld Pet Massager for Dogs and Cats
After 1 year, these are the only toys & gadgets Ooffiii still uses and enjoys daily. He loves playing mouse, and getting groomed, and definitely wouldn’t say no to a scalp massage. Although all cats are unique, other products that could be worth looking into are raw pet food products. In the past decade this has been the largest growing trend, as consumers look for healthier options for themselves and their pet companions.
What are you waiting for?
Are you going to start a social media account for your pets? The possibilities are endless and brands are always looking for new people to advertise with. This could also be your chance to do affiliate marketing through Amazon, better yet, dropship the items yourself.
Whether you’re a seller, an advertiser, or a consumer, just know you’re part of a multi billion industry that puts pets at the center of the universe. Since day one, our pets have added the greatest value in our lives, and to the global economy. I can’t wait to see all your pets online 🙂
https://www.freedoniagroup.com/blog/amazon-vs-the-pet-products competition#:~:text=Amazon%27s%20Approach%20to%20Pet%20Products,are%20offered%20through%20Amazon%20Prime.

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